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Continuous Solutions 1st signing during the summer transfer window!

  Hi, I am Patrick, the first member of the Continuous Solutions Dream team. I recently returned to Derry after a number of years in Liverpool where I first experienced working within sales, as an Estate Agent / Lettings manager. After moving back to Derry, I was keen to continue within sales however wanted...

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Christmas Party Check List

With the Christmas season fast approaching we want to provide a quick refresher of the Christmas night do’s and don’ts. Making sure you avoid the walk of shame to your desk, or even worse the boardroom come Monday morning We have all been involved at one time or another in a conversation about the...

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Interview Formats & Processes – Are You Agile In Your Approach?

Interview Formats and Processes. In my opinion the best Interview format / process consist of 2 stages. Ideally with the final being a face to face, however in the current climate and the influx of relocating candidates, how viable is the latter considering the cost, time and effort?? Our advice… be flexible. As an...

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Is Dublin really cheaper than London anymore?

Dublin, the heart of Ireland, bustling streets, busy night-life, great craic. One thing Dublin doesn’t have to offer in abundance however is accommodation. From working the Dublin IT scene for what feels like a lifetime, it was an issue that came up time and time again. Candidates find great opportunities. Move to Dublin and...

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Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity is a topic which has hit many headlines in recent months. Initially when the BBC’s pay structure hit the spotlight, and even more recently with Google. It has highlighted an area which brings grave concern to most people in the 21st Century. As a father of two daughters, it makes me wonder what...

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