Resignation Tips

Resignation Tips Your resignation letter will be the final document in your personnel file. This means it will be the first document seen when a future employer calls for a reference or if you reapply at your company. Resign correctly and leave the windows of opportunity open for future jobs. The goodwill you build...

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Sample CV

Curriculum Vitae – Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Continuous Solutions 86-90 Paul Street, 3rd Floor, London, EC2A 4NE Github:- XXXXXXXXXX Twitter:- @continuous_sol Online CV:- Phone: +442033704136 Mobile: +447936425243 Linkedin CV:-     Personal Summary Use your CV as a brief outline of your previous experience and the positions you would be interested in A qualified and...

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Relocating to the UK

Relocating to the UK? Congratulations!! You have successfully secured employment in the UK. Before relocating there are a number of key areas that we now need to cover. Accommodation National Insurance & Tax Banking Transport     Accommodation    The most popular property websites for renting are: Once...

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Christmas Party Check List

With the Christmas season fast approaching we want to provide a quick refresher of the Christmas night do’s and don’ts. Making sure you avoid the walk of shame to your desk, or even worse the boardroom come Monday morning...

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Interview Formats & Processes – Are You Agile In Your Approach?

Interview Formats and Processes. In my opinion the best Interview format / process consist of 2 stages. Ideally with the final being a face to face, however in the current climate and the influx of relocating candidates, how viable...

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Is Dublin really cheaper than London anymore?

Dublin, the heart of Ireland, bustling streets, busy night-life, great craic. One thing Dublin doesn’t have to offer in abundance however is accommodation. From working the Dublin IT scene for what feels like a lifetime, it was an issue...

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